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12 Month Contract Terms & Agreement

12 Month "All In" Membership & Term Agreement:

  • This is a contract for a 12 month "All In" Membership with GymTek Academy.

  • Months will not be pro-rated due to holiday closed weeks - as the pricing structure is calculated for holidays, and cancellations. 

  • Payments will be auto debited on the 20th of each prior month (Example: January 20th for February tuition).

  • You are responsible for the tuition for the full duration of your term/contract. 

  • All new GymTek clients will pay a $399 Initial Investment Fee due at sign up. FOR YOU FREE!​​​


OPTION #1: GymTek Loyalty “All In” Term Agreement - (Get the most for your money!) 12-month membership that is paid monthly. This option locks in your rate for the entire 12 months, and grants you access to unlimited makeup classes while enrolled! This is the absolute BEST WAY for your athlete to progress!


  • On top of unlimited make ups, the “All In” membership includes:

  • 50% off Birthday Party ($249.50)

  • Discounts on all open gyms, and parent night outs

  • Discounts on Summer Camps ($100 for each camp you sign up for!)

  • FREE Initial Investment Fee for 2024 for our original "All In" members that renew before December 19th, 2023!

By signing the digital form, you are agreeing to having your card ran monthly for the corresponding tuition and for the full duration of your selected term (12 month "All In"). You are also agreeing to the length of terms determined within each option.

2023 & 2024 Pricing:
REMEMBER: You keep your current rate by renewing before December 19th!

12 month "ALL IN"

45 Minute Class

2023 - $105/month

2024 - $115/month

12 month "ALL IN"

1 Hour Class

2023 - $119/month

2024 - $129/month

12 month "ALL IN" 

1.5 Hour Class

2023 - $209/month

2024 - $219/month

12 month "ALL IN"

2 Hour Class

2023 - $229/month

2024 - $239/month

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