Boy's Gymnastics

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We get it - your athlete wants to have fun, be competitive and challenge himself. He's not afraid to run, jump or tumble around and he's got enough energy to last a lifetime. Our Boys' Gymnastics program is designed to harness that energy and turn it into a lifelong skill. We teach our guys to develop tremendous body strength, and core stability through physical challenges, and constant progression. Your athlete will also learn spacial awareness, and body control to help prevent injuries in other activities they may participate in. Gymnastics isn't just fun, it's a great foundational sport to supplement and even enhance strength, flexibility and endurance in other sports as well. 


 (age 6+)

Just getting started? You're in the right place! We focus on teaching some terminology, and basic body positions to make learning future skills as seamless as possible. We’ll get them going on all of the events, and introduce basic swings, tumbling, and strength. Most children learn best through activity so we'll have a variety of constantly varied activities.


 (age 6+)

We’ll continue mastering the basics from the Beginner class but also introduce more advanced skill work. Your athlete will start doing some skills in sequence and improving on strength for the next phase! We don’t require multiple classes at this level; however, it is highly recommended. If you start them twice a week now they will have a total of two hours per week which will make the transition to Advanced much smoother.


 (age 6+)

This class is for our experienced athletes! We require these athletes come at least twice a week for 1.5 hours classes as it's essential for these Advanced athletes spend more time in the gym. Your athlete will work on combination tumbling and advanced skills such as: back tucks on floor, flyaway on rings, kips on high bar, and even circling on mushroom.


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