Our Tumbling program is perfect for any athlete looking to learn cartwheels, handsprings, twisting, and more. We take great care in teaching to the individual ability level of each athlete and following the safest progressions in the industry. From our Olympic style trampoline for drills, to our spring and rod floor into a loose foam pit, we have everything your child will need to learn how to tumble safely. Plus, they'll make it look easy!

Beginner Tumble (Ages 6+) 

This curriculum focuses on introducing basic rolling, handstands, and safety in tumbling. Students will use trampolines and foam pits, but the focus is on creating the best foundation possible for future learning. Our curriculum is designed for all of our students to reach attainable personal goals. No matter what level your child is on they'll enjoy everything our Beginner Tumble class has to offer. 

Intermediate Tumble (Ages 6+) 

We’ll continue to develop strong basics, and begin the steps toward back handsprings, and combination tumbling. Our athletes also begin
working on front tumbling to help enhance their body awareness and give them more options of combinations in advanced tumbling. Tumblers are only required to participate in a single, one hour a week class at this level; however, we do recommend that they take two classes a week at some point to help prepare them to adjust to the additional time in our Advanced class.

Advanced Tumble (Ages 6+) 

Athletes are required to already have a standing back handspring, and round off handspring to participate in this class. The goal is to teach multiple handsprings, back tucks, and layouts, as well as a strong list of skills as they progress through this curriculum. We do require that our Advanced Tumblers attend classes twice a week for an hour and half. Experience shows this is the best way for them to be successful in upper levels and harder skills.