Girl's Gymnastics

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Like our Boys programs, the Girls Gymnastics classes at GymTek are broken down into three levels and are designed to allow each child to progress at her own unique pace. Once comfortable and successful at her current level, each gymnast is encouraged to advance to the next. As she learns to face the Olympic Style equipment such as the Floor and Beam, she will also learn how to overcome difficult challenges in a supportive and comforting environment. Your athlete will learn to make goals, accomplish challenging routines and develop a close knit community of friends and teammates. 

Girl's Beginner (age 6+)

This class is perfect for those who are wanting to start gymnastics! It is designed to help each gymnast increase her flexibility and strength but most importantly to have fun and build a lifelong foundation of gymnastic skills. She will learn basic techniques such as: handstands, cartwheels, bridges, kick-overs and even start to develop a routine.

Girl's Intermediate (age 6+)

The gymnast will master the basic skills in this class, and continue to add many more skills to their list to prepare for the next set of routines! Handstands and cartwheels are continuously taught, while round offs are added to the mix. Uneven Bars will become a larger part during this class to help improve strength and spatial awareness.

Girl's Advanced (age 6+)

Now a more seasoned gymnast, each student will continue to add skills to their bag of tricks! The athlete will be ready to tackle more advanced movements on each of the four Women’s events due to their solid foundation built from our earlier levels. They will begin to work skills like back handsprings and walk over’s. These classes are in the gym for 3 hours each week, and see massive progress from the additional time!

Devos (age 6-8)

Our Devos Program is designed to be a bridge from recreational gymnastics to team.  Athletes in this program will learn the components of the four Women's Gymnastics Team events including floor, balance beam, uneven bars, and vault.


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