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Lil Hero Open Play

Lil Heroes Program: Jumpstart Your Morning with Open Play


🌞 Morning Adventures Await: Every Monday morning from 9:30am to 11:30am, our gym transforms into a vibrant playground for our youngest athletes! The Lil Heroes Program is designed for children of all ages to play, explore, and make new friends in a fun and safe environment.


Why Join Us for our Lil Heroes Open Play?

  • Open Play Time: With two hours of open play, there's plenty of time for your little ones to run, jump, and tumble to their heart's content.

  • Socialize and Share: It's the perfect setting for kids to socialize, share, and learn together, building essential social skills while having a blast.

  • Energy Release: Got a case of the Monday morning wiggles? This is the ideal way for kids to start their week with positive energy and lots of smiles.

  • Inclusive for All Ages: Whether they're just learning to walk or already flipping around, all ages are welcome to join in the fun. It's a fantastic opportunity for siblings to play together!

  • Parent & Caregiver Friendly: For homeschooling families, those with younger children not yet in school, or simply enjoying a day off, this program offers a unique opportunity to meet other families in the community.

Special Pricing for ALL IN Members

  • Regular Price: $12 per child for a morning filled with laughter, learning, and play.

  • ALL IN Member Price: $10 per child, because we love giving our committed families even more value and fun!

A Space to Play and Grow

Our Lil Heroes Program is more than just playtime; it's a carefully crafted space that encourages kids to be active, imaginative, and interactive. We believe in the power of play to spark joy, creativity, and a love for physical activity from an early age.

Join Us Every Monday!

Don’t let a case of the Monday blues set in when you have the Lil Heroes Program to look forward to. Transform your child's morning into an adventure-filled playtime they’ll be excited to wake up for. Let's make every start to the week a playful, energetic, and social one for our littlest athletes. All are welcome to come and be part of our gym family every Monday morning. See you there!

Are you ready to unlock your potential? The playground awaits.
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