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Lil' Hero Academy is our pre-school program at GymTek. The Lil' Hero Academy program focuses on teaching kids how to be real life super heroes. It doesn’t require them to have super powers like superman, even though he’s pretty cool, but there’s always opportunities to do some good in the world.


We want them to learn to respect their peers, do good every chance they get, and to spread joy as much as possible. 


At GymTek Academy, we teach gymnasts to compete at the highest levels, but to do so with integrity, determination, resilience and good sportsmanship.  We set the standard not only in our gymnastics, but also in the way we build athletes into great people.

Competitive Gymnastics is one of the greatest sports the world has to offer.


We get it - your athlete wants to have fun, be competitive and challenge himself. He's not afraid to run, jump or tumble around and he's got enough energy to last a lifetime. Our Boys' Gymnastics program is designed to harness that energy and turn it into a lifelong skill. We teach our guys to develop tremendous body strength, and core stability through physical challenges, and constant progression. Your athlete will also learn spacial awareness, and body control to help prevent injuries in other activities they may participate in. Gymnastics isn't just fun, it's a great foundational sport to supplement and even enhance strength, flexibility and endurance in other sports as well. 

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The Girls Gymnastics classes at GymTek are broken down into three levels and are designed to allow each child to progress at her own unique pace. Once comfortable and successful at her current level, each gymnast is encouraged to advance to the next. As she learns to face the Olympic Style equipment such as the Floor and Beam, she will also learn how to overcome difficult challenges in a supportive and comforting environment. Your athlete will learn to make goals, accomplish challenging routines and develop a close knit community of friends and teammates. 



Our Tumbling program is perfect for any athlete looking to learn cartwheels, handsprings, twisting, and more.


We take great care in teaching to the individual ability level of each athlete and following the safest progressions in the industry.


From our Olympic style trampoline for drills, to our spring and rod floor into a loose foam pit, we have everything your child will need to learn how to tumble safely. Plus, they'll make it look easy!

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Ever seen American Ninja Warrior? Honestly the best way to experience it is to watch it but if we had to describe it we would say it's a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, and obstacle course training. We've designed an entire Ninja Warrior Program at GymTek known as NinjaTek Academy.


NinjaTek program members will learn how to tumble, and kick, but they also get to flip off the walls, and a bunch more!

The goal is to take the coordination from gymnastics, the discipline for martial arts, and the strength and agility from obstacle course training! It is the perfect sport for kids with loads of energy!


The class is fast paced- our coaches' job is to run them until they’re tired- THEN teach them skills!



Homeschool classes are designed to provide components of all of GymTek Academy's programs including gymnastics, tumbling, and NinjaTek, as well as offering regular physical education elements.


Classes for our homeschool families are scheduled during the school day and allow the children the majority of the gym space. This program allows families with multiple siblings to all be in the same class at one time - which is a huge time-saver for super-busy families.

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