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Our TRACK and FIELD classes are designed to educate and engage athletes of all backgrounds and skill levels to teach them the fundamentals of sprinting, jumping, and throwing.  We believe that the Olympic sports of track & field and gymnastics share many of the same underlying principles of strength, coordination, and a drive for continuous improvement.  We strive to teach the fundamental techniques of all track and field events in a fun and challenging class environment.  

ages 8-12

Elementary Age Athletes

These classes are geared toward elementary-aged athletes with the goal of teaching basic technique for all event areas.  Athletes will learn to sprint, hurdle, long jump, high jump, shot put, and throw the javelin a fun environment.  They will also train coordination and balance through track and field themed obstacle courses where they can put their newfound track skills to the test.

ages 13-18

Middle and High School Aged Athletes

These classes are geared toward middle school and high school athletes looking to take their training to the next level.  These classes are broken down based on specific event areas.  While event technique is still the primary focus of these class sessions, we also believe that in order to maximize performance that athletes need to increase their "horsepower" and movement efficiency through track & field specific strength training and plyometrics.


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