Lil' Hero Academy is our pre-school program at GymTek. The Lil' Hero Academy program focuses on teaching kids how to be real life super heroes. It doesn’t require them to have super powers like superman, even though he’s pretty cool, but there’s always opportunities to do some good in the world. We want them to learn to respect their peers, do good every chance they get, and to spread joy as much as possible. They’ll learn plenty of gymnastics, but we want them to learn to be happy, healthy kids that grow up to be huge dream-achievers and difference-makers later on! Just like all of our GymTek classes, we keep our student-to-teacher ratio low to ensure that each athlete enjoys their time in the gym and gets the attention they need and deserve to develop a lifelong passion for gymnastics.


(ages 18 mos to 2+)

Note: this class starts at 18 months and runs through age 3 depending on maturity. Parents and guardians, time to channel your inner superhero! You'll participate in this class with your little one. Together, we'll work to help your child become independent through games that safely teach them how to venture out on their own. This class provides the perfect opportunity to introduce a young athlete to the gym with the guidance of Mom or Dad! They will learn the foundation of gymnastics by bouncing on trampolines, climbing on ropes, swinging on bars and walking across the balance beams. All the skills taught during this class will aid your child in their physical development while working on their social growth with other athletes their age.

By the time your child finishes the Sidekicks class, he or she will have gained more independence.  Your child should be able to walk on balance beam unassisted, know the basic positions like tuck and straddle, hang and swing on bars, and do a forward roll unassisted.

Super 3's

(age 3)

Our Super 3's get to try by themselves for the first time! This class is extremely focused on gross and fine motor skills, so you won’t see a lot of gymnastics “skills” happening, but we’re laying the groundwork for some big things in the future! Skills you will see: Donkey Kicks - the preschool version of a handstand, vaulting over blocks with their hands as the start of a “cartwheel”, handstands on the wall, and some forward rolls down an incline. There’s plenty more, but all of these are safe and effective when working with 3 year olds. They’ll get to experience all of the gymnastics equipment custom designed specifically for our younger athletes. 


As a Super 3 moving on to a Fantastic 4, your child should be able to perform forward and backward rolls, donkey kicks and tik-toks, and animal walks.  He or she will be able to perform swings on rings and bars, walk forwards, backwards, and sideways on the beam, and do seat drops on the trampoline.  

Fantastic 4's

(age 4)

This is where we start to see some real personality come out. Kids at this age are ready to try some other skills without any assistance, but we’re also focused on helping them learn to follow directions, follow a set of stations in order, stay in line, listen to instruction, and work together. This is everything you’ll want your little hero to know before they start Kindergarten! 

Our Fantastic 4's have mastered the skills from Sidekicks and Super 3's and moved on to hopping, skipping, jumping, and leaping, handstands, and cartwheels.  By the time they move on to Fierce 5's, they should be able to half jump on the trampoline, sole circle on the bar, and scale and turn on the beam.

Fierce 5's

(age 5)

Preschool athletes are capable of so much more than most adults think! We never limit our Lil Heroes, and you’ll start realizing why with our Fierce 5’s. They’ll be developing loads of self confidence while building strength, flexibility, and tons of gymnastics skills, too. 


Your Fierce 5 will work on skills like running cartwheels, leg lifts, pull-ups, and back hip-circles on the bar.  He or she will walk on high beam, chasse, jump, mount and dismount the beam.  And finally, your gymnast should be able to to combination jumps and full jumps on the trampoline!  Your 5 year old will absolutely amaze you with his or her skills!


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